PD Eligibility Forms

If you have been charged with a criminal offense and lack the resources to hire an attorney, you may be entitled to a public defender or court-appointed attorney. Defendants facing felony and certain misdemeanor charges, and who meet certain income criteria have the right to be provided an attorney at no or minimal cost.

The Law Office of the Public Defender provides those services to clients charged in juvenile, misdemeanor, or felony court here in Montgomery County, Ohio. We require all clients to complete both the Financial Affidavit Form and the Case Intake Sheet in order to determine if you are eligible to be represented by attorneys in our office. In some instances, additional documentation, such as a recent pay stub, utility bill with your current address, or other information may be required to determine eligibility. If you believe that you qualify for an attorney for our office, you can download and complete the forms on this page, and bring them with you to your first court appearance.

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